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Antionette Keith

Antionette “Sabah” Keith Sabah, Is the founder of Sabah’s Global Enterprise, LLC (SGE) and a non-profit organization that she named after her mother, The Doris A. Keith Foundation Inc. She currently serves as the President and CEO of both organizations. She is also currently a full-time doctoral student and professor of Political Science while devoting herself to building both organizations full-time. Prior to launching her businesses, Sabah worked as a Program Manager in the Office of Multicultural Affairs at Clark Atlanta University. In her role as Program Manager, she managed the university’s education abroad program, including the university’s yearly China Cultural Exchange Program. She traveled to multiple countries assisting with the recruitment of international students for the university and processing documents for international students on F1 visas and their families. She has experience in obtaining and reviewing articulation agreements and memoranda of understanding with colleges, universities, and education abroad companies. Additionally, she assisted international students with transitioning into American culture and society without neglecting their own. She offered services that were outside of her responsibilities as Program Manager, by assisting students with resume building, tutoring, and writing letters of recommendation for them. She also assisted international students with their quest for employment and internships, preparing for job interviews, and applying for postgraduate opportunities. Sabah has a deep passion for helping others, especially foreign nationals who are not privy to the same amenities as domestic nationals. While working in the Office of Multicultural Affairs, she noticed a need for an organization that catered to international students, immigrants, refugees, and asylees; an organization to assist them with their transition to a foreign country, as well as their growth and development. Sabah’s Global Enterprise was born out of that passion. Similar to Sabah’s Global Enterprise, her passion for helping disenfranchised and disadvantaged communities led to the formation of the Doris A. Keith (DAK) Foundation, Inc. The DAK Foundation focuses on utilizing intergenerational resources, to close generational gaps. Its mission is to implement sustainable programs that provide disadvantaged communities access to opportunities, investments, and life skills training. Sabah earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of South Alabama. After completing her bachelor’s degree, she relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue a Master of Public Administration degree in International Administration and Development Management from Clark Atlanta University. She is currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Political Science with specialties in International Relations, African Politics, Public Administration, and U.S. Government and Policy. Sabah is also certified in TEFL/TESOL, Agile Project Management, and Life Coaching.

Why Invest in Black Girls?

"When you educate a man, you educate an individual. When you educate a woman, you educate a generation." Women are often disregarded when it comes to education, specifically funding education- worldwide. Affording more opportunities for young women, does what the aforementioned quote states, affords or educates a generation.

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