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Julia Kristman

Julia Kristman is  a passionate professional dedicated to education and service. Currently pursuing an Ed.D. in Higher Educational Leadership at the University of South Alabama, her educational journey reflects my unwavering commitment to continuous learning and leadership development. In my role as the Title IX Specialist at the University of South Alabama, I play a crucial role in supporting various departments, faculty, and staff. My responsibilities include assisting individuals with pregnancy and parenting accommodations, developing campus-wide training programs, and overseeing the Support Advocate Program and Respondent Resources. Additionally, I serve as a First-Year Experience Professor in the College of Arts and Sciences, guiding first-year students toward success in academics, personal growth, and career development. As the first Student Affairs LevelUP Fellow through the university, I actively contribute to projects that turn ideas into impactful realities, fostering a culture of continuous improvement through research. Outside my academic roles, I am deeply involved in community service, actively participating in the Young Professionals of Mobile and serving as a dedicated member of Right Way Christian Center. There, I contribute my talents to the creative and production teams, embodying the heart of giving back and representing the goodness of God through my Christian values. In addition to my professional pursuits, I am the compassionate owner and founder of Julia Alayna Photography, specializing in advocacy photography that brings awareness to social justice issues and inspires action. My dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion mirrors the values of the Black Girl Scholarship Fund. My heart for giving back and representing the goodness of God shines through my holistic and student-centric approach, ensuring equitable access to quality education for black girls in Alabama.

Why Invest in Black Girls?

My commitment to invest inThe Black Girl Scholarship Fund's aligns seamlessly with my passion for empowering students from diverse backgrounds. I share in the dedication to contributing to initiatives that ensure equitable access to quality education and resources, reflecting the Fund's commitment to supporting black girls in Alabama. In my tireless efforts to foster a conducive learning environment, I emphasize my commitment to bridging gaps in education. Through my work, I am dedicated to equipping students with the tools and support they need for success beyond their degrees. My involvement with the Fund amplifies its impact, as I actively work towards creating positive and lasting change in the educational landscape.

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