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Tiquera Whatley Hall

Tiquera Hall is an Education and Training Specialist for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at USA Whiddon College of Medicine. She is dedicated to fostering and implementing training and workshops related to cultural competency, structural competency, health disparities, and health inequalities related to marginalized populations. She has devoted her time to higher

education by creating spaces and conversations about women's empowerment and the injustices of marginalized people. Tiquera has a knack and passion for curating epic experiences that exhibit positive changes in mindsets, behaviors, and attitudes through powerful integration. Tiquera is

currently pursuing her doctoral degree in Instructional Design and Development and has received her Master's degree in Public Administration from the University of South Alabama. Tiquera’s goal on her journey is to, “do my best to Educate, Promote, Inspire, AND Create. I will educate the forgotten and the unknown. Promote the underrepresented and underserved.

Inspire spaces where I'm absent, yet present. AND Create content that connects gaps by cultivating inclusivity.”

Why Invest in Black Girls?

Each investment contributes to breaking down barriers, overcoming challenges, and cultivating a generation of empowered Black girls ready to make a lasting impact on the world. In essence, investing in the educational journey of Black girls is an investment in the future.

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